If you ever thought to yourself…why aren’t there any more rap groups nowadays? Well..The Black Beatlez are here to save the day…Dubbing themselves as the Avengers or the Justice League of rap/hip hop, they contain the major key pieces and elements that will turn the biggest hater into a Stan. Comprised of 3 members; Fletch, the leader of the group is the seasoned veteran who’s all around presence is undeniable. Lucky Starr, the female MC every man loves and every woman envies. And Lastly Iceman, the energetic millennial, talented youngin’ that can do it all. The three combine to create the most explosive concoction since the invention of the nuclear bomb; THE BLACK BEATLEZ. Their new hit single “Back Work” is leading the trail for their highly anticipated release “Catchin Waves Vol.1 Ep that is dropping in the spring. Named after the greatest group ever , “The Beatles”, they are bonafide superstars. So always remember, Good, better, best..never let it rest til your good is better than your best..