Straight out of the capital city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Lucky Starr is an undeniably talented female lyricist who’s style combines a raw and uncut edge with smooth yet precise delivery. Rapping started as a hobby in 2002, while she was still in high school, but it wasn’t until 2012 that the decision to pursue it as a serious career choice was made. Her first project under Bayou Boi Entertainment was a mixtape entitled “Switching Lanes” which was named behind the concept that Lucky was officially making her mark by switching over into the rap game. “Cruise Control” and “Fast Lane” followed behind in 2013 & 2014 allowing her to build a name for herself, not only in her hometown, but also in other places across the U.S.

With the success of 3 mixtapes under her belt, Lucky decided that it was time to release her first major album to the masses. “Versatility” was released on her birthday, April 3, 2016 and received a great response from long time fans and also created new ones. The title was chosen not only because the album showed her versatile delivery abilities but because of the versatile physical style that she embodies. “Versatility” not only showed that she had matured as an artist, but that she was also ready to take on any obstacle in her way on the way to the top. With singles like “Pringles” ft. Fletch and  “The Boss” ft. DotCom Beatz & Jay Skillz a desire for radio airtime became a thing of the past.

Lucky Starr was finally becoming a household name. Visuals for the hits “Versatility”, “Everybody Love Me”, and “If I Want To” catapulted Lucky further into the spotlight attracting the attention of promoters and event planners throughout the city and its surrounding areas. Although the “Versatility” album still continues to climb in iTunes and CD Baby sales as well as Spotify and Google Play streams, her musical success won’t stop there. She is currently a member of the new and upcoming Bayou BoiEntertainment group “The Black Beatlez” that is slowly but surely taking the city by storm. Their first single “Back Work” is a only a small sign that together they are a force to be reckoned with.