Fletch is more than your typical rapper from the dirty south. The Self Proclaimed “KING OF THE BAYOU’ represents Baton Rouge , Louisiana and is a metaphoric monster that paints pictures with catchy hooks containing a 1 of 1 delivery that resonates with the people.

It is rumored that once his football dreams came to an end, the Alabama State University Free Safety and College Graduate gravitated to his life calling, the microphone…After being jailed twice and branded as a Convicted Felon, Fletch made a promise to GOD and himself that “he would not stop grinding until the world knows his name.

Motivated by the struggle, Fletch has garnered respect as an MC and Business man by the streets because of his intense grind and hustlers ambition. Also being CEO of BayouBoi Ent, Fletch is on a mission to conquer the music world and make a change in the black community. Solely in it for the Love of Hip Hop , Fletch is currently preparing to heat up the internet and streets with his new album “HUNGER” …. He has single-handedly crafted a style that is a mix between hardcore and backpack rap with a swagger/persuasion that drives the opposite sex crazy. Fletch’s music possesses that energetic rock star type stage performance that has earned him the nickname “the James Brown of rap” and is soon to be an international Icon. He dedicates his whole career to his deceased brother Kirk “KP’ Fletcher who died in a car accident after one of his shows…..RIP KP!!!!!!!!! #shidheaux